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    Npm find out version of package Whether you like it or not, scripts are dangerous and thus I dearly recommend running install with the ignore-scripts flag or setting it true as a default. So if you have multiple versions of a dependency, then the second version will be downloaded after the previous has been resolved. This means you would have to use sudo to install packages globally, which could cause permission errors when resolving third-party dependencies, as well as being a security concern. Turns out that over half of the modules in NPM only have 0—1 dependency and the mean is only 2. You can find the version of a specific package by passing its name as an argument. I write clean, readable and modular code. Use — add, list, or clean the npm cache folder. This is why currently doing a reinstall of a Git dependency always forces a new clone and install. Originally, it was intended as a server environment for applications, but developers started using it to create tools to aid them in local task automation. But do also consider that your applications attack surface gets exponentially larger with all those modules. Not needed for typical usage. The best answer is: probably next year, sometime. But not everything in NPM is dark and out to get you. It would also be possible to save a package as a devDependency by specifying a -save-dev flag. The community here would much rather posts did not contain these kinds of requests. While I would have liked to include those in this post, it had already become a wall of text. In addition to the usual way to install it download the script, include the CSS manually, etc. Thanks so much for this article. In order to publish a package to the registery, you first need to register yourself as a user. As you can see, a folder called normalize. So it is not that simple. And then there is a module calledwhich has 389 wildcard dependencies. This location is owned by the current user. Npm find out version of package If you run npm update, it will install 1. But for now, we as a community, like to close our eyes and hope for the best. One of the advantage of open source is it keep evolving but this also become a disadvantage for the developers too. Yes, npm can be used to install basically anything that you use on the front-end, including CSS-only packages. Like all data duplication, this is tedious and error-prone. I mean, for offloading that gigantic effort of including it in your code, you will instead get to download 2kb of metadata and 2kb of files, with a chance that something is down and your build breaks. Not really that keen on working on this forever, so I passed. Combining some of the answers above produces a super simple and super quick lookup.

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